The harper's song for Inherkhau

. . .
So, seize the day! Hold holiday!
Be unwearied, unceasing, alive,
you and your own true love;
Let not your heart be troubled
during your sojourn on earth,
but seize the day as it passes!

Put incense and sweet oil upon you,
garlanded flowers at your breast,
While the lady alive in your heart forever
delights as she sits beside you.

Grieve not your heart, whatever comes;
let sweet music play before you;
Recall not the evil, loathsome to God,
but have joy, joy, joy, and pleasure!
. . .

Foster, J. L. (1992). Echoes of Egyptian voices:
an anthology of ancient Egyptian poetry
. Norman, OK:
University of Oklahoma Press.

Feliç ~ Feliz ~ Joyeux ~ Happy ~ Buon
Gener de 2011


Escena de banquet a la tomba de Nakht.
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